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Trevor McIntire

Creative Web Developer

About Me

I am a 17 year old web developer. I've taken dabbles in many languages, my first being CSharp [C#], and I've taken some time, but finally landed my interests in web design and development. I always seem to start my own personal projects just to see what I can do. I'm ambitious, and always strive to do something bigger than last time.



Web Development
Application Development


Creative Designer

California 21 Oct 2014

By this time I had worked on multiple personal projects, and had been commissioned to do my first website. I worked closely with the client for about a month until they were pleased with the content and style. The client was so pleased, that we still keep in contact.


High School

Del Norte 2011-Present

I attend school in Northern California, and am still currently a Senior. I will graduate in June 2015, and receive my Highschool diploma.


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Overwatch for Battlefield, a Battlelog Alternative, made for Platoons

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